TEXT2PAY SHORTLISTED – 2013 Australian Mobile Awards!!

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Text2Pay has been shortlisted for the 2013 Australian Mobile Awards! Having won last year we are very excited to have been shortlisted!

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Finalist and category winners in the 2013 Awards will be determined by a combination of a judging panel, industry and marketplace votes – by the average score across all   three respective votes. This ensures that the Awards showcase the best of the design industry as determined by the market, industry and the panel.

The finalists in the 2013 Awards will be the top 5 rated entries in each category and the winner of each category will be announced at the Awards Presentation.

Finalists will be announced in August and winners will be announced at the Awards Presentation on 17 October.

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Text2Pay – ME Awards Finalist for 2013!!

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Text2Pay once again is a finalist for the ME Awards for 2013 – Best Payments Service Provider!!

The annual ME Awards ceremony returns for 2013 on Thursday, November 14th at the Royal Garden Hotel in London, which will mark the eighth anniversary of the grand event.

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Mobile Payment 2015 [infographic]
Mobile Payment 2015 [infographic]
Compliments of Mobile Payments Today

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Text2Pay Now Accepting Bitcoins – The New Social Currency

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Text2Pay Now Accepting Bitcoins – The New Social Currency

Payments company Text2Pay has announced they can now accept Bitcoins, a peer-to-peer digital currency.

 June 11th 2013 – New York, NY – Online payments provider Text2Pay, will now allow merchants to accept peer-to-peer digital currencies like Bitcoins.

Peer-to-peer digital currencies, such as Bitcoins, have become widely popular forms of payment for many online merchants.

Mark Reiken, Managing Director of Text2Pay, says Bitcoins are just the first of many digital currencies that will emerge over the next decade.

“By offering Bitcoins to merchants, customers will experience faster payment processing, lower fees, and increased security and privacy,” he says.

Bitcoins are the equivalent of Internet cash. Users can send Bitcoins over the Internet to anyone worldwide with no middle-man or institution to take fees.

“Digital currencies are the future – much like gold, Bitcoins increase in value over time and they’re anonymous.” Mr. Reiken says.

“It’s a currency for the people by the people. They are perfect for online goods and services such as online gaming,” he says.

Bitcoins are widely popular for merchants because they have low transaction fees; can be transferred anywhere in the world; have no setup fees and can be accepted without needing to signup to any service or payment processor.

Text2Pay is a leader in online payments – making it easier for consumers to pay for virtual goods and services using their mobile phone. With strong security and high conversion rates being the most important factors, Text2Pay’s goal is to make the customers’ payments experience more enjoyable and easy.


Visit Text2Pay.com for more information on online mobile payments.


Text2Pay Inc.
Michael Reiken, Sales and Marketing


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Text2Pay is proud to announce that Tap2Pay won the CardNotPresent.com 2013 – Best Direct Carrier Billing Solution Judges Choice award!!

The 2013 CNP Expo was held May 20-23 at the Omni Orlando Resort in ChampionsGate, Fla and the awards for Judges Choice winners were selected by a panel of five judges with deep ties to and experience in card-not-present payments.

“We’re impressed and happy to see the growth in this year’s Awards, especially in the number of international entries,” said CardNotPresent.com Founder & President Steve Casco.

“Overall, nominations have nearly doubled since last year. The CNP Awards are becoming the standard by which companies, programs and services around the world are being recognized and judged now and in the future.”

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Text2Pay 2013

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Text2Pay Merchant System Upgrade

Our development team has been busy like bees working on upgrading our Merchant system. Not only does it look fantastic, but we have increased functionality within our dashboard to allow you to find what you need faster. The key changes include:

  • Merchants can now export a transactions list in CSV format.
  • Merchants can download revenue statements from their account.
  • Changes were made to the Terms and Conditions regarding revenue payments.
  • Subscription statistics were added to the dashboard.

Restricted content is now allowed in limited countries as follows:

  • Lotteries/Gambling: Bahrain, Czech Republic, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Syrian Arab Republic, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.
  • Auctions: Australia, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, South Africa, Syrian Arab Republic, United Arab Emirates, UK and Yemen.
  • Competitions: Australia, Bahrain, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Syrian Arab Republic, United Arab Emirates, UK and Yemen.
  • Trivia: Australia, Bahrain, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Syrian Arab Republic, United Arab Emirates, UK and Yemen.
  • Tangible / Physical Goods: Australia, Belgium, Cape Verde, Croatia, Ecuador, Germany, Hungary, Iraq, Korea Republic, Malaysia, Netherlands, Peru, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Albania, Austria, Bosnia/Herz., Chile, Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, India, Ireland, Kuwait, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Serbia, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, UK, Yemen, Argentina, Bahrain, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Jordan, Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey and Venezuela.

These content regulations are now shown when merchants setting up their price points in the ‘setup campaign’ process.

Direct Billing News

We have released price points in Canada. The price points are: $0.99, $2.99, $3.99, $4.99, $5.00, $9.99, $10.00, $15.00, $20.00, $25.00, $30.00, $35.00, $40.00, $45.00, $50.00. You can setup your new campaigns to use these price points via your merchant portal now!

We’re also now live in France and Spain! France (FR) Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) is ready for all Merchants to use. Price points include EUR2.00, EUR3.99, EUR8.99. Merchant approval is required by carriers. Spain’s (ES) price points include EUR7.26.

Premium SMS News

We have expanded our global coverage for our Premium SMS Billing service to include operation in Albania, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Belarus, Estonia, Ghana, Israel, Kirgizstan, Kosovo, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Moldova, Nigeria, Russia, Slovak Republic, Tajikistan and Ukraine.


We are proud to announce the release of subscription services through Text2Pay. This will allow you to bill users in selected countries daily, weekly and monthly. This offers your users regular virtual currency / goods top-ups without the need to manually complete a transaction.

Supported countries include: – AU, BE, CH, CZ, HK, ID, MY, NL, SG, SI, TH, TR, ZA (and coming soon: – CA, ES, FR, UK, US). Log in to your merchant account now to setup your subscription campaigns quickly and easily.

OLX Partnership

Text2Pay has partnered with OLX, a global online classifieds, offering users a convenient and secure way to pay for classifieds via their mobile phone. OLX users will now be able to pay for featured listings by entering their mobile number and be charged directly on their mobile phone bill. This partnership will provide OLX users increased diversity and added value when purchasing extra features.

Tap2Pay Updates

With developers in mind, we have made some performance and functionality improvements to Tap2Pay. Tap2Pay now has additional support for Direct Carrier Billing and PIN type payment methods.


Text2Pay is proud to announce our nomination in the Direct Carrier Billing Category for the 2013 CNP Awards which is being held May 22 in Orlando at 2013 CNP Expo. More than 40 companies are competing to identify the best of the best.

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Do you know the difference between Premium SMS (PSMS) payments and Direct Carrier Billing (DCB)?

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Do you know the difference between Premium SMS (PSMS) payments and Direct Carrier Billing (DCB)?

There are many kinds of mobile payment platforms; however two main categories are Premium SMS transactions and Direct Carrier Billing.

Premium SMS utilises the same messaging ability as normal SMS, with one very unique difference: the end consumer, or subscriber, is billed for the message sent directly to their handset with the purchase added to their mobile account bill, or debited from their prepaid account.

Subscribers can be billed in two ways:

1. MO (mobile originated) messages are billed when a consumer sends an SMS to a premium short code.
2. MT (mobile terminated) messages are billed when a consumer receives an SMS on their handset.

Once a successful payment is posted, merchants can authorize the release of goods or service agreements. This payment process is instant and virtually accessible from anywhere. Premium SMS guarantees security and offers reliable transactions for both the merchant and the consumer.

Direct Carrier Billing, is another method of paying for merchandise by charging the purchase directly to the consumers mobile phone account (or deducts off their prepaid account), without the need to bill the user via PSMS MO / MT. More than often, Direct Carrier Billing offers higher price points to charge users as well as higher payouts from Premium SMS.

Both Premium SMS and Direct Carrier Billing require the user to confirm their purchase and prove they have authority to bill the mobile number they have entered. This is done via PIN authentication, MO confirmation or Header authentication (only applies to Direct Carrier Billing where the user is on their carrier’s mobile data network).

PIN authentication requires the user to enter a 4 – 6 digit number that was sent to their mobile via a standard or bulk rate SMS.

MO authentication requires the user to send an SMS to a short code with a specific keyword.

Header authentication only requires the user to ‘tap’ or ‘click’ a button to confirm their purchase. Identification is done via the carrier mobile data headers which contains the consumer’s mobile identity.

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Canada Carrier Direct Billing

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12 Days of Christmas: Text2Pay

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Our look back at the key achievements from the industry’s leading names continues.

Our 12 Days of Christmas feature continues, as we look at 12 of the leading companies currently operating in the industry…

Today’s 12 Day’s of Christmas feature takes a look at what has been a milestone year for mobile billing company Text2Pay.

2012 has been an especially busy year for Text2Pay, with a number of key launches and announcements made over the past 12 months. One of its most notable launches came in the form of Tap2Pay, a HTML5 web mobile payment flow, which also integrates for in-app payments on Android devices.

The company has also added over 50 countries to its Premium SMS Billing coverage list, while its billing platforms have been embraced by online gaming communities, dating websites and brands that except donations.

Meanwhile, Text2Pay enjoyed a successful year on the awards front, having picked up the Mobile Payments Award at the Australian Mobile Awards and receiving a nomination at the 2012 Mobile Merit Awards. It has also sponsored some key industry events this year, acting as a Silver Sponsor at the Apps World Conference in London and a major sponsor at the iDate Conference in Los Angeles.

Elsewhere, the company updated its Merchant system to streamline the navigation process for merchants, while making it easier to monitor revenue streams and setup campaigns.

Text2Pay is also revamping its website, which will be launched in early 2013.


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The entrepreneur making the most of your mobile

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Customers are increasingly using their mobile phones to pay bills instead of reaching for their credit card. Mark Reiken’s booming start-up Text2Pay hopes to make the transaction safe, quick and easy for both customers and merchants.

Since launching, Text2Pay has grown by an impressive 50 percent a month and will service 80 countries by the end of 2012. The award-winning business enables customers to securely pay for goods on their mobile phone with a single tap. The cost is then charged directly to the user’s mobile phone bill.

It sounds like a bulletproof concept but there were still a number of hurdles for the company to overcome. CEO Mark Reiken tells us more.

How did you get the idea for Text2Pay?

Text2Pay was born out of the need for a global mobile billing platform that is easy, quick and secure for all merchants and users. People are tired of lengthy credit card transaction sign ups – Text2Pay’s In-App product, Tap2Pay, alleviates this problem with 1-Tap Billing. It is seamless billing at its core.

What kind of growth is the business enjoying?

Text2Pay has experienced solid growth throughout 2012. We added over 50 countries to our Premium SMS and Direct Carrier Billing coverage list. Tap2Pay won the Mobile Payments Award at the Australian Mobile Awards. We revamped our merchant system to make it easier for merchants to set up campaigns and our Text2Pay billing platform has been embraced by numerous online gaming communities, dating websites and brands that accept donations.

What’s the most challenging thing about the mobile payment industry? 

Merchants are concerned about the revenue share amount and settlement time. Mobile carriers still keep up to 50 percent of the revenue, which limits the use of mobile payments and does not compare to other alternative payment systems or credit cards. For mobile payments to become a true alternative payment option, the mobile carriers need to reduce their revenue share to between five and 10 percent and reduce the settlement time.

One of our other challenges is educating users about how easy and safe it is to use a mobile billing platform like Text2Pay. The technology is not new, but people are still in a credit card frame of mind. It literally takes seconds to set up a campaign in our easy-to-use merchant system which also has in-depth tracking and analytics.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?

To never give up even when something doesn’t work out the way you had planned. And always follow what you set out to do without letting external influences misguide you.

Tell us more about your global expansion?

We have added over 50 countries to our list of global billing networks. This proves that merchants and users from all corners of the globe are embracing mobile technology and specifically, direct carrier and in-app mobile billing. We aim to double this list in 2013 so Text2Pay can reach even more customers through virtual currency and services networks.

Are there any entrepreneurs you look up to?

I’d have to say Richard Branson for his tenacious audacity and willingness to keep pushing on. He’s gone from music to space travel. A true inspiration and role model for all entrepreneurs.

What tips would you give to someone starting a new business?

Stay focused on your business goals and set clear objectives. No matter what gets in the way, persevere and you will achieve your goals. And never aim too high!

What’s next for Text2Pay?

We are reporting month-to-month revenue growth and we aim to push our revenue higher as we approach the New Year. We have an aggressive global growth strategy with a goal to service 80 countries by the end of this year. We’re continuing to expand Text2Pay and always looking for ways to make our merchants’ lives easier. We have just revamped our website and have an exciting 2013 ahead of us.


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