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Mobile App Use Out Weighing Internet Use!

October 17th, 2011 No comments

Today, life without the internet is almost inconceivable with its popularity having been built on the desktop and notebook PC platform. With the use of the internet rapidly evolving from online directories to search engines to social media, so too has the platform in which it’s used. Never before has the smartphone and tablet shipments exceeded those of desktop and notebook shipments (source: Mary Meeker, KPCB, see slide 7). As the new generation of consumers are increasingly using this new platform to access the net, the daily time spent in mobile apps has surpasses desktop and mobile web consumption.

U.S mobile app analytics firm Flurry has released a report comparing the daily engagement of smartphone users on mobile apps vs. web browsing on the PC. Using web analytics data from comScore and Alexa and mobile application usage data from its own analytics which now counts 500 million aggregated, anonymous use sessions per day across more than 85,000 applications, Flurry determined that the daily time spent in mobile apps has now well exceeded web consumption.  Flurry estimates that this accounts for approximately one third of all mobile application activity, which was scaled-up accordingly for this analysis. The chart above compares the average number of minutes consumers spend per day in mobile native apps vs. the web.

Flurry’s report demonstrated that the average U.S user now spends 9% more time using mobile apps than the Internet compared to last year, when the average user spent just under 43 minutes a day using mobile apps versus an average 64 minutes using the Internet.  This year, users are now spending over 81 minutes on mobile applications a day, which is a growth of 91%. This growth has come primarily from more sessions per user, per day rather than a large growth in average session lengths.  Time spent on the Internet has grown at a much slower rate, 16% over the last year, with users now spending 74 minutes on the Internet a day.

Flurry also identified where mobile app users are spending their time, capturing time spent per category from May 2011 across all apps it tracks (more than 85,000). Games and Social Networking categories were found to dominate, capturing 47 percent and 32 percent on U.S consumer time spent daily, respectively. Combined, these two categories control 79 percent of consumers’ total app time. Time spent on news apps follows with 9 percent share, with entertainment capturing a 7 percent share.


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Where Are Smartphones Being Used?

October 10th, 2011 No comments

In our last infographic we showed you how smartphones are being used. Have you ever wondered though, where smartphones are being used? To help you get a better understanding of where smartphones are being used, the team at Tatango created the infographic below.

Does the data below match up to where you use your own smartphone? Let us know in the comments section below.

Where Are Smartphones Being Used Infographic
Source: Tatango SMS Marketing

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Tracking Mobile App Installs for Android

October 6th, 2011 No comments

Previously, being able to track how many Android app installs were generated from individual advertising sources was difficult and virtually unattainable. Traditional traffic analytical technology operating on web browsers relies on cookie based tracking which measures the effectiveness of a source by how many visitors are directed to a web site and persuaded to take a desired action.  On mobile, the technical underpinnings that allow online tracking tools to work do not function the same way. Cookie tracking simply does not work on mobile.  Without cookies, the vast majority of conversions resulting from ads on Android mobile devices will go unrecorded, causing mass problems for those trying to calculate and figure out the return on their investment and which advertising and marketing channels are sending the best traffic.

Fortunately, the team at HasOffers has found a way to overcome this obstacle by developing a new application called Mobile App Tracking™, an all-in-one tracking solution which determines who is responsible for generating an install of a free Android app or a purchase of a paid app. HasOffers has created a centralized dashboard for tracking app installs with a single SDK integration using a server tracking method called Server Postback with Transaction ID. This not only provides real-time performance data, but it also simplifies the process of working with multiple ad networks or developing direct publisher relationships.

With Mobile App Tracking™ only publishers with real influence are compensated for app installs. This prevents duplicate billing and ensures credit is only given to those ad networks that actually influence an install. In addition to this, Mobile App Tracking™ provides marketers valuable insight into which ads yield the best performance and bring in the most new users allowing marketers to concentrate only on resources that are beneficial.  Mobile App Tracking™ centralized solution reduces development requirements as developers only need one SDK to track apps installs across multiple ad networks and publishers. This in turn enhances the users experience  as users aren’t bogged down by large file sizes and are able to enjoy the app they have downloaded.

As a whole, the Mobile App Tracking™ application shows much promise as it eliminates redundant pay-outs, analyses costs and maximizes return on investment in real time, enhances the users experience, increases app distribution and maximizes revenue streams.

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