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SMS Payments Solution

February 16th, 2012 No comments

sms paymentsSMS technology оffеrѕ an аltеrnatіve payment method that can bе implemented into businesses across all industries, рrоviding a сomfоrtаble аnd dіverѕе SMS рауmentѕ ѕоlutіоn for all types of consumers.

Specializing in SMS payments, Text2Pay’s payment system enables merchant’s to implement an efficient SMS payment solution into to their online offering, which allows mobile mеssaging between the online Merchant and mobilе рhоne users. Merchants simply integrate a Text2Pay widget into their website. Customers then select to pay via SMS, enter their phone number, and then complete the transaction by replying to a text message.

SMS payments solutions are being raріdly-adоpted by consumers to pay for online gооdѕ and ѕеrvіcеѕ safely and easily. Consumers have become increasingly comfortable with this alternate payment method as SMS payments offer very faѕt payment oppоrtunitіеѕ and are perfect for low-value; one-off or subscription purchases. With the іmрlementation of the Text2Pay SMS раymеntѕ system, users of mobile dеvісеs can utilize all the benefits of SMS payment technology. With no credit cards or signup forms necessary, consumers can spend more time doing what they want. Using a two-factor PIN/ZIP code authentication for each transaction – Text2Pay is more secure than any credit card transaction. The extra security this “physical presence factor” provides is why many online banking systems now incorporate additional layers of SMS identification and transfer authorization as part of their banking service.

The Text2Pay SMS payments solution also enables merchants and mobile developers a simple, effective way of monetizing their online offering or adding depth to their current payment options. With no financial institute account details required, merchants are able to access a wider range of customers and can expect their conversion rates to soar across all customer segments. Text2Pay is designed to work alongside existing payment options.

SMS payments utilize the advantages of SMS technology and are revolutionizing the way we think about payments. The popularity of SMS payments continues to grow amongst online merchants and consumers due to the efficiency, high fraud protection and convenience of the alternate payment method.

Mobile Payments Wizard – Easy as 1 2 3!

February 14th, 2012 No comments

Text2Pay, a global mobile payments company, announced the launch of their billing platform wizard. Merchants wanting to register with Text2Pay can now start using the wizard within minutes by simply completing the 3-step registration process.


February 7th, 2012 – New York, NY – With the completion of these 3 simple steps, merchants will instantly be able to use the Text2Pay mobile payment service to bill their customers for virtual goods and online content. There is no need to wait for confirmation emails or lengthy sales calls.

Text2Pay CEO, Mark Reiken says, with no human interaction, it is a seamless process to register and activate your brand.

“It’s quick and simple – you go through three easy steps then you have immediate access to our payments platform and a wizard where you can setup your brand & campaign, track & analyze your statistics and customize your widget,” he says.

“Merchants are not required to wait before they can start to bill their customers for virtual goods and online content.” Mr Reiken says.


How it Works – Easy as 1 2 3!

1. Merchants are asked to ‘Add a New Brand’ of the product or service and the credit title of the virtual goods or currency they are selling.

2.  Merchants then define how the product will be sold as they ‘Create a Campaign’. Merchants can then decide on the type of purchase, the brands involved, the countries they want to sell their product in and how much they want to charge for their product or service.

3.  Merchants are asked to ‘Customize and Integrate’ their payment widget. This white label solution allows Merchants to customize the widget’s theme and logo. The integration is as easy as pasting the snippet code into the Merchant’s website.


Register here for your free account & use our simple setup wizard to configure your mobile payment campaigns today.

Text2Pay Launches Mobile Payments Platform with Direct Billing, Dynamic Pricing and Competitive Payout Rates

May 5th, 2011 No comments

A multinational mobile billing services provider today announced the launch of its own customizable mobile payments platform Text2Pay offering 95% carrier coverage in over 50 countries worldwide.

May 5th, 2011 – New York, NY – The Text2Pay platform enables end users to pay for goods online, safely and easily with a simple text message transaction on their mobile phones, and provides online merchants and developers a simple, effective way of monetizing their online offering or adding depth to their current payment options. Text2Pay offers secure mobile payments using two-factor authentication to reduce fraud and offers dynamic pricing.

To see how mobile payments work, watch the demonstration below.

In a rapidly maturing mobile payments market, Adam Weinstein, SVP, Global Business Development sees an increasing demand from merchants and developers for more customizable and ultimately a more price competitive mobile billing platform.

“Many of the other global players in the mobile payments space are too aggressive with their transaction fees and simply too rigid in their approach to end user experience, saying ‘it’s our way or the highway’ and slapping their brand all over the billing process,” he says.

Text2Pay acknowledges that many merchants and developers would prefer to integrate a more customizable (white-label), non-branded mobile billing solution into their offering to maximize their conversions but also know they are getting one of the best transaction rates currently available on the market,” Mr. Weinstein says.

About Text2Pay
Text2Pay is a leader in online payments using the mobile phone. Text2Pay makes it easier for consumers to pay for virtual goods and services by using their mobile phone. With strong security and high conversion rates being the most important factors, Text2Pay’s goal is to make the customer’s payments experience more enjoyable and easy.

For more information, visit

Text2Pay Inc.
Adam Weinstein, 877-907-6622

US Direct Carrier Billing Demo

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